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Monday, April 9, 2012

Lets Get Our Easter On!

Easter sure jumped up and bit me in the butt this year! I'm in complete denial that its already April. Taxes, Quarterlies, Spring? Where did the first of the year go?! So Quinten and I jumped in the car and headed out to get our Easter decor tools (on a budget of.course.), and got our craft on. Double bonus, it kept him busy enough I got a few chores done as well ;)

18 pack of foam bunnies from JoAnn's (like 2 bucks!), blue buckets from Target a buck each! And some puff paint and washable markers. I gave the glitter bunnies faces and bellies, Quinen gave the un-glitter bunnies make-overs of sorts. Hot glue those babies to the buckets...
Hey Bunny!  Quinten working hard

I then took a 3 color pack of tissue paper and made paper flowers and packed the buckets full and placed them all over the house. With the left over bunnies I taped them to purple crate paper and hung them on our shelf. Quinten woke up from his nap and was so excited to see his bunnies all over the house! It was a fun and cheap craft project that brought a little spirit to the house. Last minute, yes, awesome... you know it! ;) Hope you all had a most wonderful Easter!! 

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