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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo Challenge; Friends

Thought I had disappeared? I guess I kinda did! Between illness', birthdays, computer crashes, I really had no umph to blog. I lost a lot of photos, edits, and such. Catching up is last on list behind laundry, cleaning, and well sitting for a few moments to catch my breath. Did you know that keeping up with a 2 year old boy is less than easy. Quinten is so much fun, but whew he knows how to keep a girl busy ALL DAY LONG! :0) Well there's a quick recap of my life. And I saw this photo challenge and thought of this picture of Quinten and his bud Aedan when he was down for Q's second birthday. Oh ya... my little 'baby' boy is 2!! Unreal I tell you!!
So I'll try and be better about blogging. I have some things in the works that is going to be taking some time to get in order. I'll fill ya in later! ;)
p.s Do you seeee how tired my little man looks in the pic? Thats what a day of partin', bounce housin' and a 20 minute nap will do to you, and this is the next day!!

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