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Monday, February 28, 2011

I Heart Faces

I Heart Faces is having a challenge of 'anything but faces.' Who doesn't love them some adorable sandy baby feet?? I do!

Friday, February 18, 2011

There's This Kid...

Who chooses 15 minutes before bath/bed time to empty out all his toys from the cabinet.

Who has more expression in his little face than my husband and I combined. Who, although I thought couldn't get any funnier or cheesier has far surpassed anything he did before.

Who is 17 months old now, and got himself his 3rd, and maybe he's cutest, haircut.

Who would love to play outside 24/7 but because of his one week (and still snotty after 10 days) cootie bug, and now this horrible weather, is forced to play inside all the time! AAAHHH. A toddler in this house, ALL DAY. What is a boy to do?

Well we take off our shoes and socks of course. If we aren't going to play outside why bother? (We had just gotten home from his hair cut, don't worry I don't make him wear his shoes inside). Funny thing is he really only takes off his left shoe and sock, and his right shoe, so he wanders the house with one sock on. Strange? I know.
We play with our new Chuck the Truck race track! By playing I mean rearranging it all over the living room, hucking it across the room, and racing the Chuck and Handy toys across the floor :) What a boy! By the way when this toy entered the house not too long ago I honestly don't know who was more excited, dad, or Quinten :) Adorable? YES
We climb on the chase lounge, over the pillow to get as close to the DVD tower and blinds as we can. Doesn't he have an adorable tush?
We talk to mom for a minute about this amazing discovery we have just made. We then wait to see what mom is going to do. Will she make me get down? Sit and talk about the dvds with me? Or just stand there and keep on clicking pictures?? What do you think?
We get so proud and excited when we actually get ahold of one of these forbidden treasures. I can only imagine what would happen if he had full access to that thing.

So you see, there is this kid. Who eats his fruits and veggies before his proteins and carbs. Loves Chuck the Truck and Fraggle Rock. Who has discovered that nap time means that much less play time and has learned to fight it with all his mite. Who, with the quickest mention of bath time is knocking on the bathroom door within seconds. Who is a total mamas boy but absolutely adores his daddy. Who loves to read, and discover. Who loves giving AND getting raspberries. Who gives the best kisses, and snuggles (second to his daddy I guess ;)) Who has stolen our hearts 100% and just when you think you couldn't love him more, you do! And the best part is he is allll ours :)

Valentines Love

Valentines day... really a silly little holiday. It sucks if you are alone, and it puts pressure on those who have someone to impress :) But for me its super fun! Well it was a little hectic this year since my husband and I pretty much agreed on not buying gifts this year to save money, and then the day prior I went to use his truck (because I have to leave my car with the carseat) and he says "no wait you can't use it!" WHAT you-you-you. So I woke up V-day to a sweet gift from the hubs :)

A killer little tank and the blingin flip flops I've been wanting!
Then he bailed to work and I myself, got to work! Cleaned up the house as usual and took off to do a Costco run, alone. That was part of his gift :) the only shopping he usually has to do because we come home with such a massive and heavy amount. But I did it alone. Then went to the bike shop and got him a cool little tool, and some chocolate from Trader Joes. Came home, had lunch with my little Valentine. Put him down for a nap and finished the house, and made Shannon his card :) Who needs to sit and rest on a day like that? Anyways when Shannon got home he had these...

I poured a glass of wine and him a drink made some dinner (salmon OH yeah). We had a
romantic dinner with our son :)

Finished the night playing with the kid. The best part of the day though was all the little texts and such I got from Shannon. It reminded me of when we were first dating. All the giddiness and googliness, love and smothering! It was great. Nice to remind ourselves how much we love each other, its so easy to get caught up in the day to day, and all the craziness that comes with being parents. But once upon a time we were just us, so crazy in love. Aww what a day :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cootie Bugs

So Quinten has come down with a cold, wa wa wa :( Seriously where does all that snot come from? I mean the kid has a big head for a little guy, but still I have no idea where it all comes from. Anyways I'm one of those moms that believes when my child is sick he should stay home, and take it easy. Lets not spread germs to other people, and lets get better QUICK. On the other hand my son is OB-SESSED with Chuck the Truck, and if I have to watch one more episode my head may drive off my body. Oh ya did I mention we (I) have been teaching him sign language and he sits there and points at the remote and signs "more please, chuck, please" we made up our own sign for chuck which is adorable and almost impossible to say no to. Normally though I fight the "awwww" urge and distract him so we only watch 1 or 2 a day. But when he is sick its a whole nother story... oyyyy. So all that to say we've been locked in doors chilaxin, but prior to the booger attack we enjoyed some serious summer weather in the early days of February. So here are some fun photos that I love. Have a great week and hopefully we'll be back to park and fun runs quick!

Gotta love it when he thinks the camera is pointed the other way ;)
Pondering life at the park
Watching the little girls go a little crazy (if we only knew what was going through his head)

Please Mom can we go down to the water??
Sandy baby feet are only the best!

Only in CA can we do this in early February... gotta love it :)

All done in the water and ready for a snack, apple anyone?
Day 2 of cootie bug and we're doing a lot better :) By tomorrow we'll be 100% again. Feewww.