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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cootie Bugs

So Quinten has come down with a cold, wa wa wa :( Seriously where does all that snot come from? I mean the kid has a big head for a little guy, but still I have no idea where it all comes from. Anyways I'm one of those moms that believes when my child is sick he should stay home, and take it easy. Lets not spread germs to other people, and lets get better QUICK. On the other hand my son is OB-SESSED with Chuck the Truck, and if I have to watch one more episode my head may drive off my body. Oh ya did I mention we (I) have been teaching him sign language and he sits there and points at the remote and signs "more please, chuck, please" we made up our own sign for chuck which is adorable and almost impossible to say no to. Normally though I fight the "awwww" urge and distract him so we only watch 1 or 2 a day. But when he is sick its a whole nother story... oyyyy. So all that to say we've been locked in doors chilaxin, but prior to the booger attack we enjoyed some serious summer weather in the early days of February. So here are some fun photos that I love. Have a great week and hopefully we'll be back to park and fun runs quick!

Gotta love it when he thinks the camera is pointed the other way ;)
Pondering life at the park
Watching the little girls go a little crazy (if we only knew what was going through his head)

Please Mom can we go down to the water??
Sandy baby feet are only the best!

Only in CA can we do this in early February... gotta love it :)

All done in the water and ready for a snack, apple anyone?
Day 2 of cootie bug and we're doing a lot better :) By tomorrow we'll be 100% again. Feewww.

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