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Friday, January 28, 2011

Through The Eyes Of Child...

What happened to us? Along the way into adulthood we lost it. Have you ever thought about the life of a child? I have been a lot lately. I am such a lucky girl that for the last almost 17 months I've gotten to be a stay at home mom. So day in and day out I get to watch my son grow and learn. He is amazing. And just looking into his eyes you can see it, you can see what we lost. That everything is exciting. A stick, a rock, a dog rolling on his back. Things we look right past. Ok I know that a rock really isn't that exciting to an adult, we've seen plenty right? But if we started looking at life even smidge like a child I'm sure that we'd all be a lot happier. If we woke up every day eager to learn something new. That everything we came across we took in stride. If we worked as hard as they did to accomplish something? Wow what would that be like? I often find myself waking up feeling a little too much like Bill Murray in Groundhogs day. You know, the same wake up call (child ready and waiting to get up), same routine; milk, Mickey, breakfast, cleanup and off to the park, yada yada yada. But Quinten, although he does a lot of the same things everyday, couldn't be happier about it. Because he is so innocent. He doesn't have the full view of everything he doesn't have, he is so gosh darn happy with what he does. He doesn't look at his toys and focus on the Toy Store full of the ones he doesn't have. He doesn't go out back and think "man I'd be a lot happier if this yard were bigger." He doesn't notice his room is kind of small, or the house is kind of old, that we can't go to all these places because mom and dad can't afford it right now. He is happy in what he has. **sigh** How do we get back there? How do I ignore the world and all the don't haves and love and focus on the haves? We really do have so much! I challenge myself and all you out there, even for one week, look at life through the eyes of a child... if you need some inspiration I've got some photos... People always tell you when your young to not rush growing up, man I wish I would have listened.


  1. those photos are a perfect illustration-so curious about the items he found. It would be nice to go back to that. Not sure if I could cause all that is on my mind is "go go go!" Kind of a bummer!

  2. My favorites (even though the pictures are ALL so cute and capture your kiddo so perfectly) are the third one (looks mischievous) and with Shannon reading to Quinten. My favorite times were when I watched Dan read to the girls. Precious time between dad and child. Thanks for the inspiration.