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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Recap

Oh the Holidays! My favorite time of the year. This year though, was a little harder to get in the ho-ho-holiday spirit. The economy has taken a toll on our finances like so many people out there. Christmas is not about money or gifts, but Shannon and I love love love to give great gifts to those who have given to us. We love to spoil our family and knowing that we wouldn't be able to do that this year really put a damper on my holiday cheer. But on the other hand it reminded me of what this season is about; being thankful. And that I am. And regardless of how many gifts we were able to buy that couldn't change the happy, healthy and wonderful family that we got to share Christmas with. We were so lucky and blessed by those so close to us, we were spoiled and it made us feel so good :) Of course Quinten made out like a bandit. We did the all day family juggle like usual up to SLO to spend the 1st half of the day with Shannon's family and then back down to AG to spend some time with my family, and then to top it off we came home and enjoyed our little family Christmas. It was a wonderful day, Quinten was little overwhelmed at the get go, all the commotion and gifts. But he quickly got the hang of it and tore those presents to shreds! So anyways here are a few photos from the day, I hope that you all had a spectacular day and on to a new year!

We begin with Christmas Eve! Our wonderful little son in his "Dear Santa I Can Explain" shirt, chillin out on the chase lounge in front of the Christmas tree. Oh those dimples...
Christmas morning my husband woke me up at 6:45 and we snuck into the living room to exchange our presents to each other. Quinten slept in until 7:20 or so which is unheard of! Once he got up we gave him his stocking, and decided we would do the rest of our stuff that night once we got home from the family shuffle! So he got his new books and we got our tush's in gear!
We love us some books!
We got ourselves up to SLO for our first fun filled Christmas extravaganza! Do you see alll those presents!! Grandma had a good time shopping for all the kids this year!
Our handsome little man on his second Christmas :)
I can only imagine the things going through his head... I'm thinking "are all these presents for meeee Grandma???" :)
I think this photo captures Christmas day overwhelm-thed to a 'T'. All the noise, excitement and chaos. He was a tad "whoa" for a few, but once he realized that these pretty boxes contained lots of toys and fun, it was ON!
Quinten was more than spoiled this year. He got lots of wonderful and adorable clothes, some bath fun stuff, cars, blocks, a BBQ aaaaand his push bike! It is the most adorable thing EVER. Its a Specialized so it matches daddy's bike almost perfectly, it has no pedals to instill good balance and learn to ride a bike without ever needing training wheels! He absolutely loves it, he's still a little short so we have to help him out. The way this kiddo grows I'd give him another month and he'll be jammin down the road.
After our SLO fun we headed to my families festivities down in A.G. We snacked, laughed and tried to get some cousin photos. Oh ya and then we opened up more gifts! And you guessed it, we were spoiled again :) books and trains, tools, and clothes oh my! We have the best families.
Here is Quinten's glorious bike. Its tiny, red and white, and adorable.
His BBQ, it talks, it moves, and it sizzles :) its hilarious. He loves it and likes to pretend eat and grill.
Cruzin on his bike through the kitchen with dad :) I can't wait to watch him learn and grow on this and who knows maybe one day you'll see this kid on TV ( one can dream right :))
So once again we were reminded how lucky we are, and what really matters in this world. We are so thankful for what we have and have high hopes that 2011 will bring us new and fun adventures!

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  1. your boy is just too adorable! I can never put into words how much I love you guys. Glad it was a great Christmas even if a little overwhelming :)