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Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Have No Gas

Sometimes I feel like we can never accomplish anything without something getting in our way. As I have mentioned one or two times Quinten is such an outside kid (which I totally don't mind). It comes in handy because our tiny little house has a yard that is quite possibly bigger than our home! We've worked hard on keeping our grass plush and green, we've planted veggies every year. We have toys and decorations. So with the onset of Quinten's birthday (and party yay!), and us bringing in his gift from us (custom "boy cave" playhouse built by dad!), we decided to do a little remodeling of sorts outside. We wanted to move the trelace we installed last year over the grass, and build a circle table around the one post thats in the yard. We moved the swings onto the back/side of the yard, and weeded through his outside stuff. This was our plan for Saturday. My parents came down so my dad and Shannon could do the constructing, while my mom and I did the cleaning, and entertaining the almost 3 year old who wants to help with everything. Shannon and I went out early to do what we could before my folks got here and were greeted with face full of gas! Hoping it would dissipate we continued on. But damn that stuff wreaks!! (for obvious reasons I know).  It took about 10 minutes of grossing out before I was on the phone with the gas co. Funny how you call to report a gas leak, they put you on hold, and tell you they'll be out "sometime today." Ya, ok, don't light a match right? So 3 hours later, an almost complete yard, and ya I BBQ'd lunch, and the gas guy finally shows up.  He smelled it and detected it pretty quick. Although we never smelled gas in the house, and it was pretty obvious where it was coming from, he watched the meter while having my husband shut off every single gas appliance in the house to make sure it wasn't one of those. And of course it wasn't, the meter kept spinning even with the entire house shut off. Crap. It's between us and the meter, which you know what that means? The gas co. isn't responsible, its the homeowner, our landlord. The gas guy said its one of the worst leaks he's seen, and we're lucky we caught it when we did, shut it off, red tagged it and locked it. Its somewhere under our walkway or yard, yes the yard we have worked so hard to keep nice. And of course its Saturday and the plumber said most likely it will be more cost effective to just lay a new line, then try and track down the leak on this old property. Annnd he can't get to the parts yard until Monday when it opens. Thanks. So here we sat, with the little bit of hot water left in our tank, the half dried clothes in the dryer, and glad we have a propane bbq outside. So now its Sunday, we've used all our hot water, and I'm dreading the cold shower I get to endure tonight. We will hear from the plumber in the morning as to our time line. And then I guess this week they will be destroying our beautiful yard to lay a new line.  I'm glad we're all safe, I'm glad we found it, I'm glad my parents are only a half hour away if this process is going to take long enough we have to get outta dodge. But c'mon! We have a birthday party in 2 weeks HERE. And this just blows. How was your Saturday?


Friday, August 24, 2012

Cowan Catch Up

What have we been up to lately? Summer stuff I guess! My little pollywog has spent probably 85% of this summer in some sort of water. Be it Grandma, and Grandpa's pool, our blow up pool(s), sprinklers, the beach, you name it. It's about the only thing that will keep him preoccupied for more than 10 minutes. He's growing so much, so fast. He will be 3 on September 10th, and I know it will be here before I know it. Here's a photo catch up on the last few.

An awesome chicken...

Our 4th of July was a casual but nice day. We started with a hike on a nearby trail. And ended at my folks' house. We swam, bbq'd and did the whole fireworks thing. Quinten had a blast with his cousins. I had a couple margaritas. It was a pretty typical Central Coast 4th of July.

Quinten got to ride his first horse! Our friends have a few horses, and were nice enough to let us come out to the stables to check them out. Quinten had the most serious look on his face the whole time, but he really had a blast! And yes, he requested I join him for a bit. It was so much fun, and we can't wait to go back!

We started our birthday marathon. It begins early July with Shannon's birthday. He wanted to lay low so we don't really have any photos of that one. Then its my mom (pictured below). We did a grown up night out at the wonderful Old Port restaurant in Avila. The food was incredible, and it was nice to dine sans child, because honestly that never happens.  We checked out the sea lions, and walked around the pier. My husband teased that I looked like a tourist in my own town. It was great. We then had the nieces back to back celebrations, a neighbor, a friend, and now a few weeks down time before mine and Quinten's celebrations begin!

The whales came to town! We went to the beach one day with the cousins, and had no idea what the ocean had in store for us that day! I couldn't figure out why there were people lining the road with huge telephoto lenses on their cameras staring into the bay. I figured it was all the birds? Weirdos. But not long after we settled in my sister in law gasps "was that a whale!?" Why yes it was! OHHH thats why all those people are here! We were there for a couple of hours and got quite a show! I wish I had my longer lens that day!

Its big enough news I've seen it all over Yahoo! We're famous! 

Life other than that, is moving right along. Quinten is still an amazing little boy who has developed quite an opinion. Quite a voice. And quite a little attitude. He's a wonderful story teller, and never forgets anything.  He wants to know what I'm doing ALL the time. He is rocking it on his bike! We've started talking about getting him into preschool this spring (what?!). Suddenly we have this little boy roaming our house. Its kinda freaking me out. 
Our frames are coming along. Slowly but surely. 
And me? Well its been a better few months. Back here, I was struggling. After seeing the doctor and getting some adjustments done, I started feeling better. Still some ups and downs, but getting there. More on this in another post. 
So, there ya have it. Life with the Cowan's, I'm tired, I'm happy, I'm excited. AND I'm almost 29. When did I become a grown up? Approaching my 30s? What the crap. Life is crazy. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friendship 28 To 90

I was so excited to get an email from a long time friend that her Grandma was turning 90! AND that I was going to have the honor of taking photos to document the celebration! Kim and I have been friends since early high school ehem nearly 15 years ago.  I was so excited to see her, and her family. We chatted, we giggled, we cheered a little champagne. I took A LOT of pictures.  It was a great day. And I must say what an honor to watch them celebrate 90 years. NINETY years!! I can't help but picture myself at ninety (if I'm lucky enough to make it that far).  Watching her grandma with her friends, I had this quick flash to me and my girlfriends sitting around a table, grey and wrinkled. Chuckling about 'the old days' guzzling down some sort of futuristic wine. It's a crazy thought. What will life be like 61 years from now!? The things these men and women have seen! I think my heart did a little jig watching all the smiles and hugs that day. I love celebrations. I love family. And I love my friends. I love that no matter how long we go without talking we can just pick up where we left off. And I love that no matter if you're 28 going on 29 or 90 going on 91, friendship is friendship. **sigh**