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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What We Do While I'm Sick...

We were busy. You know the usual stuff. Birthdays, lake trips, family time. And then... I (we) got sick... Quinten had a little runny nose late Wednesday (like 10 days ago), then woke up a little snottier, I woke up soooo drained, stomach ache, the whole deal. Being sick is so much easier when the kiddo is feeling down and out too. We hung low, watched some Toy Story, stayed in our jammies, had soup and crackers, and napped. We both started getting better quick AMEN! Then it was cousin Robyn's birthday party, we party hard-ied, Shannon went to watch his brother in his first down hill mountain bike race (8th place!), and then came mid-night-ish, Sunday/Monday. On came the new bug for me! This week was brutal, the stomach pains, dizziness, and oh my gosh more drained then I can tell you. I napped every day while he did, and never ever felt refreshed. Then Wendesday was my mom's birthday. Dinner plans, surprises, the whole deal. I couldn't miss it! That morning was horrid. Between taking care of me, and trying my dangnist to be as good as mom as I could, I was about done. I prayed and prayed, and rested and rested. And I kid not, Quinten got up from nap, and we shared some yogurt, and POOF I was better! We celebrated, and had a great time with my mom for her birthday. Anyways ALL that to say, I vaguely remember the day(s) of being sick back in the day, staying in bed, watching Friends and doing NOTHING. These days, HA! It's me and what little energy I have left to chase after this enthusiastic 22 1/2 month old boy... I caught some hilarious moments on camera of what we did to try and entertain ourselves in doors...

We HAD to wear our cars outfit over our pj's, no no, not separate, they had to be worn together!

But before that, we dug through mom's sock drawer, and picked these jems out to wear!! And, he rocked them!
Showing off his muscles, and the socks.

Hot stuff!

Smile... Stay well... And have a great day!!