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Sunday, January 9, 2011

And on to the next one...

The new year has come again. Funny that some thought we wouldn't make it past the strike of midnight 2000 and look guys its 2011 and we're still pluggin away. As I get older the celebration of the New Year has really lost its pizzazz. Don't get me wrong I love to pop open a bottle of champagne and see if this somewhat still new mom can make it until the clock strikes 12, but really January 1st is just a continuation of December 31. Its not like we get to hit the reset button come 1/1. I love to look back on the year and remember all the good times, and think of the things I'd like to change in the upcoming year. But why does it take the calender to switch over for us to suddenly want to make a change? I saw something on TV about the billions of dollars magazines like US and People make on January editions concerning weight loss and the new year. The most popular resolution in America is to lose weight, get in shape and change! Why does it take a "new year" for us to suddenly want to fix who we are into who we want to be? Why can't February 2nd be that day? Or May 14th? We should want to be the best us everyday of the year, not just the new year right? I'm not against resolutions or anything, it just seems silly to wait for January to fix the things we want fixing. This year though I wish that the economy and our nation as a whole could somehow hit the "refresh" button and start a new. But as these last 2 weeks have shown not sure that is going to happen. What we need is a president and such that has a true passion for making this a better place to be. One day maybe. One day.

Here in the Cowan house we have had a somewhat bumpy start to the new year. Quinten came down with a fever Sunday the 9th, what we believed was the 3 eye teeth attempting to pop through. As days went on and the fever, lack of sleep, and crankiness continued we began thinking it had to be more. But he showed no signs of being sick so we kept watch and hoped it would pass. Wednesday(ish) his fever broke (woohoo!) only to leave this poor kid with a full body rash (wa wa wa..) so I called the pediatrician who wasn't concerned at all and said it was a classic case of Roseola (?) the infant rash. 72 hours of fever followed by 24-48 hours of rash and poof its gone. As of diaper change Saturday morning we are clear, and hopefully can get back to our normal selfs around here. Shannon and I can finally have our bed back, and our normal routine will one again, be. Other than that we are battling the all mighty dollar, and figuring out fun things to do that our away from the house, but don't cost a whole lot. Creativity is key around here! Quinten is learning new words, sylabils and signs. He is such a ham these days, I mean serious jokester. I love it. He, though has also really learned the art of the temper and is getting used to a wide range of emotions. That takes some getting used to and is truly teaching me what patience really is. Its a daily task to teach him how to handle anger, frustration and fear. But on the other hand, I get lots of snuggles, hugs, and kisses so that makes it all worth while! The life of a mommy :) We are hanging outside with dogs a lot while the sun is shining, going to the park and riding our bike around. What a life that kid has huh! I am continuing my learning and increasing passion for photography and Shannon is 110% back into the riding (downhill mountain bikes that is) obsession :) its great escape both mentally and physically for him and to tell you the truth I'm a little jealous I wish I had something like that :) I am so excited to see what this year has in store for us. It should be one crazy ride if I know us :) Wishing you all a wonderful 2011!! A few photos to start the year...

After our nearly 2 week rain storm we took a walk to our nearby park, and well this is what we found :( bummer!
Thats not a pool my friends... that is the playground under about 2 feet of water.... Thank God Quinten fell asleep on the way (which by the way never ever happens!!) so he wasn't too upset at not getting to play.
Quinten's cousin wasn't too fond of his Buzz slippers so we gladly took them off his hands. He LOVES them. I mean LOVES them!

Riding our bike at Grandmas house :)
Looking cool in dads glasses :)
Trying to get the glasses back...
And a little photo sesh to round out the day


  1. Love all your photos! Lovely blog! Glad I found it via Ashley Sisk's blog :) I will most certainly be back to learn a little more about you!
    ~Angel www.livinginaperrytale.com