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Friday, February 18, 2011

There's This Kid...

Who chooses 15 minutes before bath/bed time to empty out all his toys from the cabinet.

Who has more expression in his little face than my husband and I combined. Who, although I thought couldn't get any funnier or cheesier has far surpassed anything he did before.

Who is 17 months old now, and got himself his 3rd, and maybe he's cutest, haircut.

Who would love to play outside 24/7 but because of his one week (and still snotty after 10 days) cootie bug, and now this horrible weather, is forced to play inside all the time! AAAHHH. A toddler in this house, ALL DAY. What is a boy to do?

Well we take off our shoes and socks of course. If we aren't going to play outside why bother? (We had just gotten home from his hair cut, don't worry I don't make him wear his shoes inside). Funny thing is he really only takes off his left shoe and sock, and his right shoe, so he wanders the house with one sock on. Strange? I know.
We play with our new Chuck the Truck race track! By playing I mean rearranging it all over the living room, hucking it across the room, and racing the Chuck and Handy toys across the floor :) What a boy! By the way when this toy entered the house not too long ago I honestly don't know who was more excited, dad, or Quinten :) Adorable? YES
We climb on the chase lounge, over the pillow to get as close to the DVD tower and blinds as we can. Doesn't he have an adorable tush?
We talk to mom for a minute about this amazing discovery we have just made. We then wait to see what mom is going to do. Will she make me get down? Sit and talk about the dvds with me? Or just stand there and keep on clicking pictures?? What do you think?
We get so proud and excited when we actually get ahold of one of these forbidden treasures. I can only imagine what would happen if he had full access to that thing.

So you see, there is this kid. Who eats his fruits and veggies before his proteins and carbs. Loves Chuck the Truck and Fraggle Rock. Who has discovered that nap time means that much less play time and has learned to fight it with all his mite. Who, with the quickest mention of bath time is knocking on the bathroom door within seconds. Who is a total mamas boy but absolutely adores his daddy. Who loves to read, and discover. Who loves giving AND getting raspberries. Who gives the best kisses, and snuggles (second to his daddy I guess ;)) Who has stolen our hearts 100% and just when you think you couldn't love him more, you do! And the best part is he is allll ours :)


  1. seriously I don't know how your heart doesn't burst from the love. I love that kid more than I would think possible. You have one amazing little boy and I love reading your posts about him. You put it so eloquently! Love you more and more everyday too :)

  2. Great pictures! I love his 3rd haircut!