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Monday, April 30, 2012

Kittens Kittens Everywhere

What the crap did I get us myself into?? Well... this...
This is Boots.

Boots is the coolest cat I've ever met. I guess some people moved into the neighborhood near by. Brought her with them, and decided that they didn't care too much about her. We have a lot of kids that live on our street, who all took her in and lovingly named her Boots. Everyday Quinten and I would go check the mail, and also check on "white kitty Boots" who usually hung out on the porch of our front neighbor.  They fed her, and the kids all took 'great' care. Then I noticed something. She was looking a little wide bodied. I hoped that maybe she had just eaten a big lunch. But as each day passed, her belly got wider. I did some googling, and after that knew that she was, for sure, pregnant. Oh. Boy. I'm an animal lover. We have 2 dogs, and a cat. The news has been talking about how over populated they were with feral cats. I worried what would happen to her litter. She didn't really have a place to call home. So my husband being the man he is gave in, had the idea to set her up shop in our shed. Its not really a shed, more like an extra room outside. We started getting her used to the dogs, which was hilarious, so much hissing, and growling. But once she realized we had food, and it was super safe, and secure back here she was over all the time! I began talking to my friend Julie who works with the Cal Poly Cat program and got her a free vet visit in SLO to make sure she was healthy and disease free. From when I first figured out she was preggo, I did some calculations and had April 26th as her EDD. Then I got sick, Shannon got sick, and I finally was able to set her up an appointment for the 26th.

She was SO big! The vet said all was good, and she was close to due. I stopped by my moms, and she started acting weird. And then her tummy started to tighten. We both freaked and I loaded her and Quinten back up and headed home. I called Shannon (who was home sick) and told him to get stuff ready, I think she was about to pop. She was so quiet all the way home, panting and calm. I got home put the cat crate down, shut the door, came inside to grab something, came back out, and she had already had a kitten!! AH! So about 2 hours later, on the 26th, we had this...

It all happened so fast. So now we have Boots, and her 6 kittens shacked up outside. They're adorable, and all doing well. They're easy right now, they just sleep and eat. I feed and water mama, and change out the bedding. But what about when they start moving? And playing? Are we going to have them all running around outside? With my crazy toddler? It was such a grand idea, help out a cat, find the kittens some homes. But I forgot about the 6-8 weeks between birth and weening... whoooops. So for all of you reading this that live somewhere near the central coast, who wants a kitten in about 6 weeks, please let me know! They will be getting fixed, and getting out of here as soon as they can :) I'm going to enjoy this, but I'm sure it will have its moments! Come on... you know you want one!

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  1. I absolutely adore your pics with Q and Boots :) So cute! I'll repost and hope you find some awesome peeps to give the kittens a home! How cool to be the one to keep them safe. Without you guys, who knows where they'd be :(