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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lessons I've Learned As A {stay at home} Mom

I've officially been a mom, and a stay at home one at that, for over 2.5 years. I can't believe how honestly, truly, fast it has gone. It has been the most challenging, stressful, rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating job ever.  It has been a struggle being a single income family in California, and well anywhere right now.  We  do get some criticism for doing things the way we are doing them. But for us Quinten and our family means far more to us than any amount of extra money. We have what we need and most of all we have each other! Shannon has been lucky enough that the last few projects he has done the customers are close to retirement age, have grown children, and are starting to have grandchildren all their own. Shannon came home one day with a little extra pep in his step. The customer spent a good 10 minutes praising Shannon for what we are doing. He told him thats how they did it, they struggled, went without, stressed, the whole deal. But in the end it was more than worth it. They wouldn't have done it any other way, and that they are still reaping the benefits of the hard work they put in. And since that job, I kid not, he has had probably 6 or 7 different clients say the exact same thing! With the judgment that can go around when you struggle, it was such a breath of fresh air to hear people praising us! Woohoo! :) Anyways all that to say, I've learned a lot these last few years. Not just in parenting, but about myself as well. Things I always believed to be true about myself were SO not! Things I said I'd never do, I did. Things I said I would always do, I never have.  So this morning as I was sweeping up I started thinking about all the things that have gone on, all that I have learned and I thought I'd share.
 **DISCLAIMER** These are things I've learned, that work for me, I in no means think these are written law, right or wrong, blah blah blah. And most of them pertain to working moms, and SAHM's alike. Its just stuff running through my head, k?
  Lessons, a little humor, a little truth...

**You will never get used to the smell of poop. You just learn to tune it out, and get done quick.

**No 2 days will ever be the same, if you expect them, or think they will HA!

**Children are little people. You know how sometimes you are in a bad mood for no reason? So are they... just let it be.

**On that note, your kid is his/her own person, they may not want to do what you want them to, or how you want them to do it. Just like you don't, learn their ways, and man your life will be so much easier!

**Laundry does not fold itself, no matter how much you stare at it.

**Nap time is really for you, your sanity, and same breathing time. And a little for your kid.

**Sunshine does everybody wonders.

**If your kid is hungry enough for more "noooodles" they are hungry enough to finish that chicken and broccoli ;)

**Patience is learned, and it changes, be patient it will come ;)

**If your kid wants to sit down and read a book, do a puzzle, scoot some trucks with you, DO IT. Those dishes will be there later, the bathroom wont get much dirtier, the vacuum works after 2pm. Time with your child is way more fun and rewarding!

**When your child is behaving in a manner that makes you want to simultaneously pull out your hair and scream in a pillow, remind yourself that he/she has only been around for __ years. Ask yourself what are you "2"? Oh ya, I guess they're new at all this.

**Some days 5:30pm {husband gets home from work} takes years to get here, and in turn 6:30am will be here in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow is a new day.

**Don't be afraid to ask for help, it doesn't show you are weak, it shows you are human. 

**Your child will seem to get PMS when you do. I have no idea how that works.

**Don't raise your voice to talk over your kid, it just turns into a competition, instead whisper, they will shut up to see if they want to hear what you are trying to say.

**You will say the same thing 5000 plus times. And then turn around and say "how many times to I have to tell you..." Probably at least once more...

**Sharing goes both ways.

**Kids learn most by watching you, so be careful...

**You will lose sleep, and they don't care.

**If you get to pee alone, enjoy it, and take a little extra time doing it.

**Kids don't "know better" they don't think like that. Its our job to teach them to.

**You are never too old to need your mommy. 

**Sticking to your guns is exhausting, but so worth it. 

**When you put your kid in time out, do the same for yourself, sit down, slow deep breaths, count to 10, shake it off, and start fresh. 

**In parenting you get out what you put in, be patient, loving, kind, and one day you'll get the same in return <3 

This is why I do it.. My little sweet man!

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  1. I LOVE these! And you guys do deserve praise!!! Quinten is adorable, I'm glad you're blogging again:)