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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Growing Growing {Baby} Gone

I guess its finally time to accept that Quinten is no longer a baby *sniff sniff* I know I know he's surpassed 2 1/2 and I'm just now accepting this? Yup. He is a full fledged little boy. Walks like a boy, talks like a boy, plays like a boy, growing like a boy. For the last 5 days my little boy has been wandering through life in his big boy undies, running himself to the potty, and screeching through the house "I WENT PEE PEE (OR POO POO). I'm excited, and absolutely proud of him, we have not been pushing the issue, we aren't like that. And we knew that with encouragement and understanding it would come. And it did, it just seemed to click! It's all happened so fast I haven't even really had time to adjust (hence going to Trader Joes, undies on, no extra clothes packed, no nothing...oops glad he did good!!). So this morning was a another morning of putting little stuff away, organizing little boy underwear, and cheering endlessly at the little man standing before me. Quinten was an unplanned little miracle. Someone who has made us laugh, made us cry, made us shake our head, take deep breaths, hold our breath, and sit silently in amazement. Lately I just feel like if I blink too long, he's going to be running off to college. I'm really having a hard time accepting where we are. Where he is. His independence, his abilities,  ugh its just too much. Slow down life!!

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