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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He is so 2

Can't believe my baby boy has passed the 2 1/2 mark already. Oh wait, ya I can! The past week we have entered into some new territory. The "I know better than my parents, and you can't stop me" territory. I guess it's a little my fault, I was a little more independent and head strong as a kid, but c'mon! It's timeouts and talkings to, toys being taken away, rinse and repeat. I try to hold my patience, it's just a phase right? And will be over in 16 years I know... Ha ha. It's crazy to watch him develop not just into a person but his own person. One with opinions, ideas, and attitude! He's an awesome little guy, so full of humor and joy! There are just some days I miss telling him something once and it working ;) he's 2 for sure!
Guess where the dogs ball is? Perhaps in the bucket...

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