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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well we officially survived our very first winter storm!

Mom successfully went through the storm without turning completely nutty! Rain is just about my favorite mother nature show, but with a new little one it is a little more inconvenient than usual. Loading the car, avoiding the puddles, covering the car seat and screaming at every idiot who can't drive in the rain - don't you KNOW I have a baby in the car-! All in all it was fabulous. One whole week of wind and rain, oh I love that sound. And the best part of all is that first burst of sunshine that makes everything glow and smell oh-so-delicious! As you can imagine things have been fairly uneventful. We did have a family dinner at Shannon's brothers house for his girlfriends birthday which was fun! Her brother cooked one fancy 3 course meal. I tried dairy for the first time in 3 months. Quinten seemed to be sensitive to it around 4 weeks old, so I eliminated it from my diet (oh not fun). We're still unsure if it was that, the tomato sauce, the tangerines or what but he was a little fussier. Cut it all back out and now we're a happy camper again. We will be re-introducing it all ONE at a time here soon.
**BIG NEWS ALERT** It was mid-afternoon one stormy stormy day. Mama placed Quinten on the much dreaded tummy time...and... BAM he rolled over! Just like that! No practice, no getting stuck, nothing, just woop we rolled over. And now one week later we have not done it sense! I know we will do it again... but daddy missed it and I feel horrible! I can't wait for him to do it again (and hopefully in front of dad!)
Quinten is also officially 100% in his very own crib!! Its been a week and a half and he loves it! Our packandplay is broken down and our room is back in order. So nice to have a night stand again. I do miss having him next to me, but I'm so proud and so relieved that he is transitioned. He wakes up in just the best mood. Shannon and I will lay in bed and just listen to him talking and cooing until we race in there to be the first to peak over the crib! Bliss I tell you, just bliss!
The Cowan household is enjoying the sunshine, and looking forward to this weekend. We have a date-night and a birthday party, and mommy is going to make a cake after a very long break! Super excited!!
Mommy also discovered a new baby off switch... the fish tank! We noticed him cranking his neck on his play gym trying to look at it, so I laid him on the bank of the chase lounge and wala! Baby off switch....

A little play time with daddy always makes us smile...

And then we relax with a good book :)


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Shannon looks like he's having a ball with little Q. I bet he's missing football season (at least the 49ers part). :) love and hugs to you all

  2. so cute!
    A little tip, try putting your camera on the little runningm an setting on your camera, make sur eyou have plent y of light and see if you like the setting, its a lot less washed out with natural light.
    I love your prictures by the way!