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Friday, February 5, 2010


Is anyone else completely mind boggled that it is already February?? I myself am in total disbelief. It seems that every time I turn around, I'm turing the calender to a new month... what is that?? Come on life slow down, just a little. Quinten will be 5 months on Tuesday, which means in one month from then he will be 6 months old, and 6 months from one year. AAAAHHH!
The Cowans have had a fun filled and busy week. Last weekend went by in a flash. We celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday on Sunday and on Saturday I made my first cake in quite a while! I had a great time using my creativity in a different way than thinking of new goofy faces to make the baby laugh. It was also entertaining to watch daddy go completely stir crazy and mutter a half a dozen times "I don't know how you do this all day" :) he really really enjoyed spending the day with his son, and soon realized keeping him preoccupied all day isn't an easy task. The 9-4 process of making the cake...

Daddy keeping Quinten busy

Sunday was the party and what a great time it was. Weird of course because someone was obviously missing (Grampy), but I'm glad to see she is enjoying life that she still has. It was a fun bbq filled with sea food, family, cake, and presents. Mom still isn't eating dairy, ever since the last try I'm a little nervous. The only upside to it is that the pregnancy weight really fell right off, other than that it sucks! We may try some more this weekend now that he's mellowed out again and see how it goes.

Quinten has still been on a rolling over strike. Tummy time is more successful, he stays for much longer periods of time and can scoot himself in about a 90 degree circle.

I've tried placing a toy out of his reach so he'll roll to get it, haha right! He's just fine looking at it, talking to it, squawking at it, but going to get it just doesn't seem to be of interest. I'm not worried about it, I figure the longer he is not mobile the easier right? He really looks like he's going from back to belly first, I guess we just like to take a little different route than all the other kids. Just like his folks he doesn't want to be like anyone else! He has taken a liking to checkin himself out in the mirror and laughing and talking up a storm while doing it. He loves to interact with people and just loves to smile and laugh. What a fun little man he's becoming. He for sure shows signs of a little temper, soooo we'll see what is to come of that (hopefully not much!) Next up is getting a jumper, and a high chair. Within the next couple of months we'll be eating some food food which will be entertaining for sure.

Tomorrow is the SuperBowl. I can't believe how quickly the season went. Considering the first football game played while we were in the hospital with Q its easy to see why. Last game of the season tomorrow, I'm sure daddy and son will have a great time!

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