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Monday, February 22, 2010

Daddy at The Doctor

We begin this story on Saturday night. Quinten was tucked in tightly and snoozing away. Mom and Dad were enjoying our "us" time watching some t.v. and relaxing. Its around 9pm and suddenly my husband begins having what I can only describe as a conniption fit! He was shaking his head and smaking at his ear. I sat in confusion while he jumped around like a crazy man, I kept asking what was going on and he finally shouts "something flew in my ear!!!" He bolts to the bathroom to try and get whatever flew in, out. He came out a few minutes later still shaking his head stating "its still in there, I know it is." We tried everything to get it out, Q-tips, hydrogen peroxide, water, bulb syringe... everything... and nothing! So for the next day and a half randomly through the day he would shake his head and say " its so in there, I know its in there!" Of course I'm sympathetic ( yet a little skeptical that after all we did something was still in there) we were thinking of going to the doctor when we remembered that Monday was Quintens appointment to get some shots, (we altered his schedule from the CDC schedule so we go every month). So we thought maybe the doctor can take a peak in there and tell me if there is something in there....
So now I take you to this morning, 11:00am and the nurse comes in to give Q his shots. He takes it pretty well, one of the 2 stings pretty bad but he was a tuff guy (side note he is now 27" long and 18.2 lbs). After the shots were given we talked to the nurse for a minute about work and all that madness, and I go "babe did you want to ask her?" and he says "oh YA! so a bug flew in my ear Saturday night, can you please look in there and tell me if its still in there?" she kind of chuckles and then gets out her ear thingy, places it to his ear, and then screaches "OH MY GOD there is a bug in there!" Shannon immediately panics and goes "you're freaking me out!" the nurse looks at me and asks "do you want to see it?!" of course I do!! So I peak in there anddd OH MY GOD there is a fly in there!! The nurse is so wigged out and goes "can I go get another nurse she has to see this!" we are all around the same age and so by this time its like a science project more than a medical thing. She comes in and it all starts over again with the amazement and giggling. After some talking over they decide they can try and flush it out... figures the ONE day I don't bring my camera, so you'll have to excuse the quality of these photos they were taken with Shannon's phone (little busted up). Shannon being a big boy at the Pediatrician

So as the nurse drowns his ear it begins to emerge.. and guess what it was a mosquito!!

We all laughed and joked, it was a great way to end a shot visit! And they even gave us the little booger to take as a souvenir! It was a hysterical visit to the doctor and thanks ladies you saved us like $200 bucks for a visit to the ear/nose/throat specialist! What a day!


  1. oh wow. bugs+ear = not cool. My aunt had a earwig in hers once. siiiiick.

  2. oh my gosh that is hilarious, I am dying laughing and the thought of a mosquito in my ear is beyond distgusting!! Tell Shannon he is a trooper! You might have to switch doctors for Shannon's sake!

  3. Its Name that photo time. Its a cool prize this week!