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Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Sunshine!

It was a wonderfully beautiful weekend here on the California coast! Before we ventured into the wonderful weekend (that as usual went far too fast) we got to try out our new toy thanks to Grandma... our Jumparoo! Our little man was enthralled with the new lights, sounds, songs, and toys. I know that our place isn't very big, but with every new toy our space gets more and more cramped. It is beginning to look like Babies R Us threw up in our living room! A few photos of our good time:

Later that evening Q was getting a little tired, but it was too early for bath and bedtime so we put him back in his jumparoo to keep him preoccupied until it was bedtime.
Ya, that didn't work. This was the first time he's fallen asleep in mid-well mid-anything.
Shannon and I could hardly contain ourselves when within moments of fun playtime we looked back and he was passed out - and still holding on! Oh what a guy!

Shannon and I knew we were going to be having some visitors on Sunday so we decided to "celebrate" Valentines day on Saturday with a family trip to the beach. I have a love/dislike relationship with Valentines day. Its a strange day if you really think about it. We have to make a holiday so people remember to show love to their loved ones? Really its a holiday to make single people feel bad, and for couples to have to go spend money. But on the other hand its a day you can be sappy and romantic and get away with it because its V-day! So we took advantage of the abundant sunshine and coast line and drove up to the beach for Quintens first trip to the beach. He loved it! And so did we. We walked along the water with the sand at our feet and each other by our sides. It was wonderful, beautiful, fabulous. If it weren't for our growling tummies we probably would have stayed allllll day!

We then ventured to Grandpa's house for lunch while Grandma drove home from Las Vegas. They had a blast playing for a while.

The day was great. It was such a fun family day. Its amazing to have my own family now. And crazy all at one time. I just stand back and look in awe that all that I am blessed with. I love my boys so very very much.

Sunday was great as well. We agreed no gifts this year to save money. I stuck to it and made Shannon a cute card, he on the other hand did not, he got me a new kitchen fairy to add to my collection :) and a beautiful card. We then had visitors later that day, our friends the Chappells came for a visit. The boys did better this time. We laid them on the ground to play and Quinten almost rolled from back to belly to go get him! A lot has changed since last Valentines day when we had just recently found out we were having Quinten. **sigh** I love my life :)

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  1. you are blessed and it makes me so happy to also stand back in awe of your happiness. it's so amazing! and i LOVE your artsy fartsy stuff. so cute! :)