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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Months Old

5 months ago today Quinten Thomas arrived in our arms. The most wonderful day that Shannon and I have shared (besides our wedding of course). I can't believe how fast these past 5 months have gone. The trials and tribulations have only made Shannon and I stronger as people, and as a couple. I never realized how close having a child would bring us. I love him more everyday and just adore watching him grow closer and closer with his son. As any human would do I look back and think "would I do anything different" from the birth to now, the answer is no. Being a parent is a huge game of trial and error, the biggest lesson is to never stop trying. They say you can't understand a parents love until you are a parent yourself, and whoever 'they' is couldn't have been more right! I now know why when I was late for my curfew and didn't answer my phone right away it sent my father into an instant state of panic. I look forward to they years to come, but they come with some anxiety as well. I only want the best for our son, and hope that he wants only the best for himself. I know that Shannon and I will make a good team and strive to be the best, most supportive and loving parents we possibly can. And with strength, endurance, selflessness and of course prayer and know we can achieve it! I know that 5 months isn't a "milestone" like 6 months or a year. But really everyday is a milestone and I just wanted share a journey thus far of parenting this wonderful little guy!

Birthday September 10th 2009
5 Months Old Today!!

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