Our Journey Through Life, Laughter, and the Adventures in Parenthood.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Speeding into March!

I never realized how fast time could go by until I became a mother. Things have been hectic and crazy and all things new are what we are experiencing here in the Cowan household. For those of you who know me well, know what a control freak I am. Being a parent is learning to let go of all of that! You cannot I repeat can-not control an almost 6 month old. We have been dealing with teething, growth spurts, separation anxiety, and a new nap routine. Over the past week or so my little guy falls asleep nursing, I hold him for a moment and then when I go to put him down he wakes up in a screaming tissy. Its making it hard for me to get any of my "home duties" done and sometimes I have this crazy notion that I can tell Quinten "its time for a nap" and he'll listen. HAHA. So to sum it up, this week is all about learning and growing as not only a mom, but as me.
Other than that we have been having a great time as a family. We've been having a lot of rain which means a lot of time indoors, but fortunately we are young enough that doesn't affect us much. His little arms are getting strong and he loves to swing them at anything.... including my face. Shannon was trying to get some photos of me and my boy and out of 9 photos most of them had him swinging at my face... the best of the best...

We drove up and hung out with Grandma... now I had to post this picture because I am just loving his hair do! Daddy already wants to cut it, but no way! I think its a perfect representation of his personality. Crazy and fun!

We had a severe blow out in our jumper so we spent the last half an hour before bath time in our robe. A little Hugh Hefner moment...

Then when all is said and done after our night feeding we love to crash out with our daddy!

Last week we got a wonderful new addition to the family... My Grandma got herself a puppy!! She has been so excited and adorable about it. She is a 6 week old Puggle (Beagle and Pug). She has been buying stuff and prepping her house for weeks! It was the best thing for her. Some company and a big time occupant. Here is the little girl!

Like I said we have been having a lot of rain lately. So we finished out the weekend with a walk to the new local park. Grandma and I walked while daddy rode his bike. We almost didn't make it because earlier that morning daddy went on a downhill ride with his brother and decided to take a little spill-on a boulder! The damages right after

It has continued to black and blue as the week has progressed. But he is taking it like a champ :) Actually I think he's been hiding it so that I'll let him go again! I know he loves it, and I love that he has a way to expel his aggression but I wish there was a way he could do that without the possibility of casts, bruises and contusions!
So as I was saying we went to the new park near by and loved it! Whats nice is that its tucked away behind the new neighborhood so its not too busy. Its very clean and new and has wonderful views of the hills! Q is obviously a little young to really enjoy it, but he does love to be out in the fresh air. And he got to "ride" down a little slide with mom :)

This upcoming Wednesday Quinten will be 6 months already. I sure do hope the second 6 months does not go as fast as the first! His scrapbook has been stuck at 2 months forever! I really have some catching up to do! We're learning, living, loving, and really the rest just falls into place!