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Saturday, March 13, 2010

5:15 Comes So Fast...

When you go to bed at 11:00. It always seems that the nights Shannon and I decide to stay up later than usual that Quinten wakes up earlier than usual! I love our dogs, but lately 2 dogs in this little house with alllll these kids toys is a little overwhelming. Add in the annoying flea problem we're battling and its just a recipe for a headache. There are those times when I hear the whimpers from the other room, look at the clock and see sunrise is still 45 minutes away and think about the days when waking up at 9:00 seemed early. Those days are long gone I know, but ohhh to dream :) At least Quinten is a happy adorable little guy who, with one smile, makes the earliest morning super easy to tolerate. It looks to be another beautiful weekend here on the Coast so hopefully we can get outdoors and have some fun!
What else has the Cowan household been up to?
Last weekend Aunty Liz and Gregg stopped by on their way through town!

You never really realize how much you miss a person until you hang out! I've been realizing the lack of female interaction besides the moms! (mine and Shannon's). Most of my girlfriends have moved out of town over the past few years. I get so busy sometimes I forget how important it is to keep in touch with friends, not only for the sake of friendships, but the sake of sanity. Sometimes you need to talk to someone who is 100% not related to the situation at hand for a complete unbiassed sympathy and opinion :) Being a stay at home mom is an amazing blessing, and what I really have always wanted. But it does come with some social and phycological sacrifices. I need to start being honest with myself that sometimes I just can't do it all! So with that said these past two weeks I've tried to relax about some of the house stuff that CAN get done tomorrow, and do somethings that I enjoy i.e scrapbooking and baking! Suzy homemaker aint got nothing on me!! First I made some Chocolate cupcakes...

...and the hubby thanked me!!

And then I made some chocolate chip cookies...

...and again the hubby thanked me :)

Thankfully with the nursing I'm still able to enjoy these treats, they will probably be changing to 'No Pudge Fudge Brownies' once the nursing is over :)

And then our little guy turned 6 months!! A few days prior he started to sit up on his own for a bit :)

He was like a Weeble Wobble (but he fell down) :) he last a couple of minutes before slowly teetering over!
Then Wednesday he turned 6 months old! We had a semi rough day with teething. We have successfully popped to bottom 2 through, but now we are working on the top teeth. Those ones really seem to be bothering him more than the bottom did. I tried doing a photo shoot at the park with his cousins but that was 100% unsuccessful. So back to my parents house we went. After a meal and a nap we were happy enough to get a few shots for his 1/2 birthday!

We ended the night with a nice chew on our wonderfully cold teething ring!

**WARNING** We're about to get sappy for a minute :) So I've been having a hard time getting my stress/anxiety under control lately. Its something I have a very hard time admitting and accepting. It runs in the family so I know I have people who know what I'm going through. And although Shannon doesn't always understand he is 100% supportive and loving. I know sometimes its as hard on his as it is on me because he feels helpless, unfortunately though, so do I. I had driven up to my mom and dad's place on Wednesday (which I usually do as my weekly get out of the house day). We drove separate that day and I ended up getting home later than Shannon. When I walked in the door sitting in my seat was a new Kitchen Fairy (its the one thing I collect) and an I Love You balloon. Shannon said "because it will last longer than flowers" :) What a wonderful surprise! He sure does know how to put a smile on face, a tear in my eye, and a warm spot in my heart :) I am so lucky to have a man like him. I only hope that we can raise our son with the same warmth and care that he has :)

Oh and Quinten loved the balloon as well :)

So I guess thats all the Cow's have been up to lately. And more good stuff to come.. birthdays, bridal showers, and Easter! Oh mY! They say a picture is worth a thousand words... this one sums up our life in just two... wonderfully exhausting!


  1. OMG! that last pic is so adorable. best pic ever! love you girl. If you ever want to talk, or vent, I'm a phone call away ;) can't wait to see you next weekend darling! miss you. loves!

  2. Q is such an adorable little man! Those CHEEKS!!!!!

    Basically, your blog made me want to stuff myself on cookies... so I'll probably be making some of those tonight:) And don't knock the no pudge brownies, they are delish! I use the vanilla yogurt, and add another splash of vanilla. Extra yummy.

  3. I love the no pudge fudge brownies! We use my grandmas home made applesauce! mmm good, just sometimes you need a good helping of fat filled goodness to make your day!!

  4. :) cute blog!! and i agree, you really dont realize it til you get together. alhtough i think of you guys tons knowing that you are being taken care of by your two boys and your wonderful family :) and i'm with caitlin-that last pic is awesome!! :) Love you!!