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Friday, January 15, 2010

When You're Having a Bad Day

Yesterday was what I like to call a "rougher day" Quinten we believe is in the early stages of teething. He has mastered the skill of fist munching and has attempted several times to fit both in his mouth (unsuccessfully)! He was much more clingy and fussy which means mom doesn't get a whole lot done. Really its no big deal and I love spending the time with him I know wont last forever. With how fast time is going before we know it he'll be asking for the car keys and telling me to butt out! With all that we are hearing of the devastation in Haiti, and the story I heard this morning its got me thinking about how lucky I really am. There really never is a day that goes by that I don't think I'm the luckiest girl. I have a loving, wonderful husband, and beautiful healthy baby boy, and wonderful family that- in fact- the biggest problem is that they don't get to see us enough! But as I sat in tears this morning reading this website I was once again reminded of how truly blessed we are, and how fast everything can change! I was checking up on Facebook and an old friend had a link to a site on his update prayforkate.com really I wouldn't read it unless you want a good cry! In short its about a little 5 year old girl who is sick. I couldn't even finish reading it without picking my little guy up and smothering him with love! We all have bad days, and it is our human nature to dwell in it for a moment. But its how long we dwell in it that says a lot about who we are. Learning to pick yourself up and be thankful for what is going right is a battle we'll all fight until the end I'm sure. But knowing that, at any moment SLO county could have 'the big one' or that our health is no guarantee really makes you appreciate what you have. So next time you're having a bad day, sulk for a moment (only a moment) take a deep breath, and look around at all you have, all the blessings you've been gifted. The more you do it the easier it will become. I'm going to work on it, I'll let you know how it all goes :)

The face that makes us smile every day!


  1. you are fantastic my love. i've been sulking a bit lately but you are so right. God has blessed us with so much including you and your family. Love you!!

  2. by the way, the videos i got of your cutie have been helping quite a bit :)

  3. it's not easy to do!! especially when you're down, but it really does help to try and focus on the positive things instead of the negative. You start to realize how much more good there is than bad and how lucky you really are! Love you girl, glad the vid's are helping :) hehe he can be quite the happy pill :)

  4. Oh cute look at that cute face...I dont believe you, I think he always smiles and never crys! HA! Being a mom is the best!