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Monday, January 18, 2010

Growing Growing Growing

Mr Quinten had his 4 month doctors visit today! He is doing fabulous growing like a little weed! He is now 16lbs 5 1/2 oz (75th %) and 25" long (50th %). I am just loving our pediatrician. You can tell that she is doing her job because she loves kids, not for some form of status or financial gain. Shannon and I decided that we were going to steer from the CDC schedule of vaccines and she was more than happy to comply. Mommy and son will have to make more frequent visits to the doc to keep somewhat current but I am more than willing to do that so that he isn't getting 4 shots at one time!! So today we only had to get 1 and he was a strong little trooper! He hardly fussed at all. In other baby news, he has now spent the last 4 nights in his crib!! I can't believe it. It was for sure strange not having him next to us, daddy took it harder than mommy. The first night he got up several times to check on him (while mommy only got up once or twice) :). Shannon and I have stayed strong with our goal of keeping our bed our bed. We have felt that in keeping our marriage strong that our bed needs to be our escape. And we just know that would be one habit too hard to break and before we know it there would be a 3 year old in our bed :) haha! So far so good, he adjusted very well to sleeping on his own in the crib and continues to sleep through the night! Woohoo! He is really in his observant phase which makes feeding a little more tricky and time consuming. Daddy is the biggest distraction, he (Quinten) just loves to talk to him (daddy). It is more than adorable, but like I said before a 20 minute feeding quickly becomes 45 minutes when he wants to talk to dad every 2! He is getting his motor skills down well! Loves grabbing at all his toys and is starting to try and find his feet! The doc after watching him says he is for sure in the beginning stages of teething so we'll see when that first tooth decides to pop through! Our next investment is his high chair and around about 6 months we're going to try our first real food feeding. At his weight... no need to rush :)
Sleepy time with daddy
Waking up in a wonderful mood the first morning in his big boy crib!!
Bath, bottle, and out we go!
We have now discovered out tongue! And my how we love to play with it. He gets it from daddy's side of the family :)