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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jumping into the 20-10!

Well the cootie bug has officially taken the entire Cowan household! Poor little Quinten got a mild case last weekend, but it seems to finally be leaving. Just in time for mama to feel like hers is coming back... dum dum dum! Please God NO! Mama can't take much more of this sickness stuff! Other than that we have had a wonderful start to the new decade! As I figured we were in bed by 10:45 new years eve. I wasn't too upset about not watching the ball drop at midnight, but awakening the following day sans hangover and feeling rested felt little like new years :) Honestly thought the lack of headache and greasy hangover cravings felt pretty darn good. Technically we did see the ball drop... at 10:00pm stupid MTV was looping their show once it was 2010 on the East Coast, but its just not the same!
Life as a parent in 2010 has been going grand! Quinten is now learning to grab and play and really interact. We're starting to see his personality and its fantastic. We can see little bits of ourself in him already (some good...some well... sorry kid)! Its so exciting to see all the new little things he does and says :) I just can't wait for this cold to be gone 100% so we get our little happy man back!
Grandma Carrie got me this cool driving toy! He loves it!

Reaching for my toys in my play gym
We have discovered that he may be getting a little small for his tub sling, but he loves it! Sits like a King while we bathe him. He has gotten to the point where about 10-15 minutes before our nightly routine (which begins @ 8:00) he starts to get cranky and stays that way till we plop him in the tub :) Bath, Bottle, Bed, night night!

And lastly we were playing in mom and dads comforter while the bedding was being washed and I guess when he's done, he lets you know it...

Son, we're going to have to talk about this...


  1. Ahhhh yes...motherhood - colds, baths and all. Q looks like he is doing well for himself and looks like a healthy young man. You are doing so good you two...only 18 more years or so. hehe (sorry) Fun times are always there.

  2. HAHAHAH, I love that flip off oicture, he is so cute! That face...oh that face! makes me want another boy....kinda