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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Then There Was 3!

We take you now to Wednesday 9.9.09... Shannon hadn't been working A. We were due "any day" and B. Construction is pretty slow right now. The ONE day he went to help my dad at his park I go into labor! Fortunately I was at my folks' house (which is half way between our house and the hospital, and remember my hubs works with my dad). I had been having contractions off and on for a while so it was really hard to tell if this was it. But they became rhythmic and stronger. I called our Doula, and had to page Shannon (he was out of service... figures huh). Since I was still in "early labor" there was no real rush. Quinten was not in the correct position which ended up giving me horrible back labor. I intended on going natural, and made it almost all the way. We waited until after 7pm that night to go to the hospital. I thought maybe my water had broken in the shower (it had) and that I was much further along than I was. After laboring at the house for over 8 hours... I was (drumroll please) 1 cm dilated... dum dum dum!! WHAT!?! I cried. Alllll that work for 1cm! Plus since my water broke they didn't want me to leave. I labored all night getting stuck at 4cm and then at 6 1/2cm. Come next morning around 12pm I was about spent. Exhausted and in so much pain the midwife said we were at a crossroad. My water was broke over 24 hours and I was not progressing. Time for pitocin and (finally at my demand) an epidural. Once I gave in, got the drugs, and rested I dilated to 10 in the matter of a few hours and pushed for 1 and pop out he came!! Aint he a handsom little guy!!
Quinten Thomas was born 9.10.09 3:14pm 7.1 Lbs and 20 inches long!
Finally home 9.12.09 Happy Mom
And proud, happy papa.
** Sigh** What a week!!

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