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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Story Of Us...

I guess you can't really know where we are if you don't know how we started...

Shannon and I met at work, my dad was the owner and Shannon was the new carpenter (please no boss' daughter jokes :) ). We started dating in March of 2006 after being friends for a year or so prior. We tried to hide our relationship for a while, something about 'dipping your pen in the company ink'. Haha. But apparently although people were nice about not saying anything, we weren't very good about hiding it. We dated for 2 years, spent our time snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and taking the truck to beach and mountains. I moved in with Shannon in late February 2008 and then 1 day before our 2 year anniversary...
He proposed!

With this bling... He got down on one knee... and proposed!

I began planning about a month later. We found the site (The Gardens at Peacock Farms in A.G.), I found the dress, and the rest just fell into place. We set the date for about 8 months later (October 25th) and started the countdown!

Engagement Photo's we took in June-ish....

The Whole Family
Our First Kids Felicity and Slim
We only had one major bump in the road, about a month before the wedding my Grandpa began having multiple little heart attacks. The doctors predicted that he wouldn't make it through the night. But I am happy to report he made it to our big day! That guy is a fighter let.me.tell.you. He sadly has since passed, but I have so many wonderful memories.

The Big Day! 10.25.09

The day couldn't have been better! Beautiful sunshine, wonderful friends and family, flowing wine and champagne, and lots of dancing! The best part though was the fact we were married. After the wonderful day at the Gardens, we finished off the night with an after party at the Cliffs and a beautiful ocean front room to finish off the wedded day bliss. We returned home to a house full of gift, but no time for those we quickly packed and whisked ourselves off to the airport for a honeymoon in Vegas! Or so we thought... the plane coming from Vegas was late, the fog began rolling in, the plane wouldn't land and turned around and went back to Vegas WITHOUT US!! We got sent home and promised a flight the next day. I was so depressed, who wants to spend their first night of their honeymoon at HOME? So we made some cocktails, and opened our presents. Good night after all :) We returned the next day and took that flight to Vegas!
Vegas Baby!! We stayed at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay in a sweet on the top floor!!

Fall Escape at the Belagio
Drinks at the pool... Fantastic!
We did Thanksgiving with the families... then onto the birth of our nephew Sean on 12.12.08, our nieces 4th birthday 12.17.08 and then our first Christmas as husband and wife!...

Our homemade gingerbread house!
We had a fabulous Christmas, showered with love and gifts... if only we knew we were about to get the greatest gift of all....

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