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Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Daze!

Is it really December 10th already? Is Quinten really 3 months old today? Are we nearly to Christmas day? This is insane. My Grandma once told me that life is like a roll of toilet paper... the closer you get to the end the faster it goes! Now I hope to God that I'm no where near the end of my roll, but as I get older I noticed the years zip by even faster! We have begun our Christmas traditions including decorating the house...

Getting and decorating the Christmas tree...

And of course decorating the dogs...

Christmas is only 15 days away and I have yet to begin my shopping. Its raining outside, which has made it tricky to get out with my little guy. And before even thinking of Christmas gifts I've had to get our nephew and nieces birthday gifts! Sean is already 1 whole year old and my little lauren is going to be 5! We have a weekend filled with kid parties and celebrations! Christmas is always my favorite time of the year, but as always is crazy! And this year its even crazier, we have one more person to buy for! I know he probably wont remember it, but I will and we'll have the photos to prove it. I'd hate for him to look back on his first Christmas and think "jeeze guys way to go all out.." :) Well I guess I better tend to the laundry, I keep waiting for it to fold itself, and never does! Until next time... a couple pix of the baby.
He finally fits in one of his niners outfits, daddy couldn't have been happier!

All smiles awakening from our nap :) Love those moments

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  1. HURRAY FOR 49ERS OUTFITS!!!! Had to say that first. Your house looks so pretty with all the lights. Starting new traditions as a new family is fun. We still have to put our lights up...somehow. I hope you have a special Christmas with that little sweetheart of yours. Still have to meet him...even for a couple of minutes. We'll try to call when we're in town again.