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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving.. Giving Thanks

I guess the holidays have been here for a few weeks, but with the onset of this cold storm its really beginning to feel like the holidays. This year has brought many joys and blessings but has also brought on one big devastation. It was on Shannon and mines 1 year wedding anniversary. My grandpa has been battling life for quite a while now. He had major heart problems, and Parkinson's. Over the past few years he has been hospitalized for complications including strokes, multiple heart attacks and illness. He always pulls through, so why would I think any different. I am so thankful he got to see his first great-grandson, my mom and I had discussed that we felt my surprise pregnancy was God's way of giving gramps one more thing to hang on for. His health really began to decline in the last few months, he ended up in the hospital on October 22nd, and peacefully passed on the 25th. It took a huge toll on the whole family. But my grandma (as always) was hard as a rock! She's amazing. Knowing he is in a better place and that God is taking good care of him, annnd that he's not suffering any longer has given us the peace we needed to get through. So with that the onset of the holidays have brought upon us thankfulness and sadness.
Marion "morg" Morganson RIP

On a lighter note... we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family! It is always hectic trying to juggle the families dinners, and this year was no different. Lunch in Santa at 1:00 and lunch in Nipomo at 2:00?? Oh my. In addition to timing, I am also on a no dairy diet for Quinten. Once he's turns 3 months I will try dairy again and see if it still makes him sick. But for now.... nada. My dad can't eat dairy either so I was able to mow down at my grandma's house and eat nothing at Shannon's uncles. They cook with a little bit of butter ;) Quinten did really well, which was relieving! He sported his "I'm Stuffed" shirt courtesy of Grandma Carrie and made a great impression.

We ended the Thanksgiving weekend celebrating my good friend Caitlins golden birthday... 27 on the 27th! This was our first time to a restaurant as a fam. We had a great time seeing everyone, and introducing them to our little guy. It really makes you realize how much you miss your friends when they're all gathered around one table. But lives change, and as we grow everyone seems to be moving farther and farther apart! At least we always have Thanksgiving vacation!
Me and my boy all gussied up!
I love this one, Quintens in the lower corner looking at me like "what are you doing mom?"
This year folks I have so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my family, my friends, my husband, my son, our home, our cars, our food, our clothes, our bed, and our health. I think people too often get so caught up in their day to day lives and focus on what the want and not what they have. Life itself is a blessing to often overlooked, we take for granted things like food and shelter and assume that its a right or a given, when really its a privilege, one I'm glad to have. So with all of that I wish you all a very happy, safe and wonderful holiday season!

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