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Thursday, December 17, 2009

One Busy Weekend!

The Cowan weekend started out with a great big huge giggle fest! Quinten has really began to show some personality and we are loving it! He is showing true signs that he is his fathers son by being an adorably cute morning person! He usually awakes around 7am with some moans, groans, grunts, coo's, caa's and the occasional diaper explosion. :) He now recognizes us without hearing us! I pop my head over in his crib and he gets all excited. Those of you who know me, know that I'm not the biggest morning person... but he sure can plant a smile on my face in the early AM. Daddy captured some of the giggles on film... and here is one of my fav's!...

We then began to get ready for Quinten's cousin Sean's 1st birthday party. While waiting to leave we took our family Christmas photo...
And of course had to get some adorable shots of the little guy in his 2 Christmas outfits... Santa's helper..
And mini-Santa!
We then celebrated Sean's birthday in a house full of people! We had a fabulous rain storm last week that continued onto the weekend which meant the BBQ celebration was changed to an indoor pizza party. Just as fun, just a little more crowded! He seemed to enjoy himself as much as any 1 year old can... but the best (as always) was the cake! He was covered from head to toe in frosting and cake goodness! Always good to see the fam and friends. Saturday was followed by another fun filled day on Sunday as we celebrated cousin Lauren's 5th birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese. That place was a serious mad house full of families, fun, and well I believe some icky germs... it was so fun to watch the kids burn off their sugar rushes on the endless supply of games and fun. Chuck-E came out for Laurens birthday song and no one ran... a record! They really doted on her, which she deserves... it was adorable! The best part of the day was her opening our gift. I got her an adorable outfit and a tinkerbell doll as she was pulling the clothes out she announced "Aunty Sheryl always gets me clothes..." She's observant! The weekend ended with a win for Daddies team...
YAY for the win!
My niner boys!
Looking good!
And mommy getting sick (hence the germ comment earlier) Monday afternoon I started to feel a little under the weather. And by Tuesday night I had a fever over 101 :( Taking care of a 3 month old is hard enough when you're well. But being sick and trying to tend to his every need is so hard! The hardest part though is that I feel guilty that I can't pour all my energy into him... since I have none left. Today is Thursday and I'm feeling a little better. Still wiped of energy and my throat is killing me but thanks to some IB profin and lots of water its getting better. To end here is a picture of our purdy sunset!

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