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Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm La-ate....

It's January 24th, I'm feeling a bit crampy, crabby, you know like aunt flo is about to kick in. But something just felt a little off. So I check the calender and hmmm I'm 4 days late. I'm never late. I mean never. I try and brush it off, but I can't. Shannon and I are at Target later that day and I tell Shannon I have to go grab something, "what" he says. I can't lie to that guy, "a pregnancy test" I say, "you don't need one of those" he mutters, "I'm 4 days late" "oh ok go get one." I'm so sure the test is going to be negative because, hey we're always good, that I buy a bottle of tequila at the grocery store. We get home, I make my way to the potty and...

Pregnant!! So I guess there was this one time... I came running out of the bathroom and shoved that pee stick in the hubbys face (yes trickles and all) and we both sat there for a moment in shock. I began to cry, laugh, shake, and hug. It was one of the craziest moments of my life! We were both more than ready to be parents, but not quite prepared. We hadn't planned on this happening for a while. But it was given to us, and we couldn't have been happier. Let the craziness begin!

About 14 weeks prego, the first sign of a little bump! I felt pretty good, some nausea here and there, super tired, little anxious and emotional, other than that... fabulous!
At 19.5 weeks we did the big ultrasound! It's a BOY! Shannon was so excited to be having a son, someone he could share his love of sports and outdoorsy stuff with! And me, I would have been happy either way, but I was so happy to be giving Shannon his little man!
33.5 weeks we took pregnancy shots with our wedding photographer!

38 weeks... my birthday weekend. We took a drive to the beach knowing that could be the last time we got out alone! I was pretty uncomfortable, and ready for baby. I was physically and emotionally spent. Ready for Quinten to make his appearance.

I guess you could call it mother's intuition or something but this was the last outing that we had just the two of us. Our little man came just a few days later...

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