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Monday, June 13, 2011


This past weekend we celebrated a big milestone for Shannon's, we'll call it "step" cousin ( its complicated). He graduated from college. After 4, probably grueling, yet fun years, he did it. It was a surprise celebration his mom and Shannon's uncle (her b.f) planned. They had a bus, and scheduled a skydiving sesh for his mom and him. It was funny to see his face, and hear the tone in his voice as he prepared himself for the jump just a few hours away. Shannon's brother and sister in law to be were so inspired and excited by the idea of the new local skydiving that they also set up a slot and had planned to jump just after lunch. But just as our weather would have it, they all got winded out. Central coast weather lately is anything but predictable. I think they are all nuts. I have NO interest in jumping out of plane in hopes that that folded up piece of polyester will open :) to each their own, I know people love it, but do not, I repeat DO NOT ever count on me doing it! Anywho, about milestones. The weekend got me thinking, you know as a kid there are so many celebrated milestones. I even ran by a junior high graduation on Friday that almost surpased my high school grad. But as we get older the milestones get fewer, the celebrations farther between. We somehow fade into the background of celebrating the next generation. Which in fact is all the more fun, because you get the celebration without all the focus and pressure. But on the other hand, I sometimes miss the abundance of praise and gratitude that comes with accomplishing something. Being a parent now, I am so focussed on Quintens accomplishments, I sometimes forget that I too, am growing. I can still have accomplishments, I can still learn and grow. I may not stand in front of thousands for recognition but, hey just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I've reached the end of that era! So heres to the moms, the grandmas, the aunts, sisters, and cousins. The "grown ups" who thought their time was past. We can celebrate the little things, the big things, the everythings. I say we start having parties for any reason! Lets bring a little celebratory cheer back into everyones lives, and I think we'll find a much happier world. C'mon what have we got to lose! :) Oh ya and here are some photos of the weekend to sum it all up!

My boys... chillen
Le bird
Quinten got to feed some ducks ( he was telling us all about it here)
The cousins all kept Grandma runnin!
Q's cousin thinking deep

She loves the camera!

So are you planning a party yet??

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