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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Here it For the Boys!

Shannon's second fathers day is a wrap! It was a wonderful weekend (if I do say so myself). Saturday we celebrated with his family, his mom and brother and his family. We grilled it up at our house, the kids played in the water, and in the sandbox, and ran around like children should do. Sunday we woke up at our usual 6:30, Quinten came and joined us in bed for cartoons, presents and Dad-do time! Have I mentioned thats what Quinten calls his daddy? Dad-do, its the cutest thing I've ever heard. We got him some clothes and new parts for his bike. We finished off the day with a BBQ at my parents house, a little pool time and some more family time. It was great. And best of all we were celebrating this guy...

Aren't they adorable?? He is such a wonderful dad. He is so caring, funny, comforting, energetic, involved. I love sitting back and watching them play, read, build things. He wants to be so involved in his life. He wants to watch him play, help him do things, just be a part of everything. Its amazing, I'm so lucky, and so is Quinten. So very lucky to have a dad like Shannon. He works so hard for us. He really wants to give us the world. He does everything he can so I can be home with Quinten, so that Quinten has everything he needs, so that we can be a happy, healthy, and wonderful little family.

Quinten was very impressed with how the bike turned out.

My men folk

I also got to celebrate my daddy. And with him, where do I begin. He is such a wonderful man. He has always been there for me. Through the good and bad. He always believed in me, encouraged me, trusted me, pushed me, held me back. He also works so hard for his family. His perseverance and will is something to aspire for. He is faithful, and honest. I love my dad so very much, I love that Shannon and him get along so well. They have a lot of things in common that really have brought them closer. I love the dads, and dad-do's in my life. They are amazing, and deserve much more than one day a year to smother them with love and presents :)
Cousin time!
My little ham of a niece
My sweet little Lauren
And a much sweeter Robyn
Love it!
Look out buddy!! Check the cannon in the left corner

So we'll end on this... I love the boys and men in my life, my husband, dad, brother, and kiddos!! I'm nice and tired, but for such a good reason. xoxo. Have a great one!

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  1. You are so blessed my friend. I love your family and how awesome they all are :)