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Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Is How We Bounce!

As soon as I read the Shoot N Tell task for this week these 3 pictures all in my archives popped into my head...

You Can't Have "bounce" without a ball right? Here's one of our pooches catchin the ball after one big bounce!

Not long after our little man arrived we went to our friends baby shower which of course had a bounce house... no need for explanation right :)

And this is what happens when you bounce toooo much!! The night our bouncer arrived Quinten took a nap after about 5 minutes of bouncing :) Aint he precious?!


  1. Very nice imterpretations! that last photo is just too precious! Thanks for entering!

  2. hehehe great shots for the BOUNCE challenge. That last photo is how I would look after bouncing all over.. ha

  3. So sweet! Love the baby, all tuckered out.