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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heat Wave

So us central coast-yins were hit by a heat wave for the past week or so. Topping the charts at 103, I know for some that may not seem to bad, but for us that is HOT! Thank God we have an air conditioner, even just the window one helped a ton, our house was not made for that kind of heat! So with a little one we got a little creative on keeping him busy, but cool.

Obviously before the heat came into town, we went to the park by the house. Quinten loved watching the big kids play, pick grass and hand it to mom and Grandma, and pull a big leaf from the tree and try to put it back :)

Day 1 of the heat wave, not realizing how hot it was supposed to get daddy and us went back to the park. By the time we got there it was already 91 at about 10am... so I got some shots for my class and let the kid play for a minute and then we bolted! :)
So we went home (inside the cool air!) and played in our new tent courtesy of Aunty Liz :) The game started by piling his toys into it instead of himself. But once dad got in a whole new game began!

I think this was day 4 of the heat wave... I started to lose track. I just new it was hot. Really hot. And I don't like hot. I'm a winter girl. You know, sweaters, scarfs, rain and snow. Thats me. Not heat!!! Anyways back to the photo, Quintens new favorite place is Slim's dog bed. Once he goes outside I turn it over so Q doesn't get covered in dog hair (anymore than normal at least). He snuggles it, plays in it, and even brings a book into and "reads". How funny is that?
We bounce in our jumper every morning while mom pumps and has some breakfast... I think the cooped up-ness was finally getting to him. Or he was just pondering the big questions in life...
Getting a little cooler! It was still 100 at my house, but my folks live about a half hour north, about a mile from the beach so the temps there had finally dropped to about 80. So Quinten and I went up for the day. They have a pool, which he LOVEs, he stood there banging the fence for about 5 minutes before I put the camera away, we changed and did some swimming.

I am thankful for air conditioning. I am thankful popsicles. And I am thankful that this usually only happens once a year for a week or so! Can't wait for fall weather, swinging in the yard and not hiding in the house :)

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  1. Cute blog! such a cute kid. glad you got that new camera and the class. looks like you're having a blast. totally love seeing him have fun with the tent. i adore that pic :) Love you!!!