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Thursday, July 5, 2012


I, like many people these days do my best to eat healthy. I'm not perfect by any means. As I polish off a handful of Starburst Jelly beans, seriously though have you tried them?! Oh ma God! They're delicious.
But back to healthy. Lunch isn't always the easiest meal of the day. On days when Quinten is delightfully playing it's pretty easy, other days, I'd like to roll up some turkey and cheese and forget that lunch exists. I love salads, but they aren't always the quickest meal to just throw together. So here's a tip; make a giant salad on Monday (or Thursday or Saturday) Throw together everything that can sit well together in a covered bowl. This yummy creation has mixed greens, corn and peas (left over from Monday's dinner) cucumber, olives, and carrots. {Cover and refrigerate} Then when lunch comes around add some tomatoes, cut up ham, and some feta, dress and... 

Viola! Delishness at its best! 

And another plus... its the one meal I get ALL to myself because while he'd eat the rest of it, my son wont come within 15 feet of lettuce! BONUS! :) Hope you enjoy! 

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