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Monday, May 10, 2010

First Foods and Fun Times

Well it happened. Somehow over night our son grew up and is now trying out some solid foods! I know "they" say that babies can eat solid foods around 4 months but to me that was just way too young. I mean there are a lot of things out there we can do, but that doesn't mean we should right? We waited until the signs were obvious that he was ready to eat. The kid couldn't take is eyes off us while we ate, and would even mimic our chewing :) So I guess that was a tell tell sign that he wanted what we were having! So for our first food we tried some of mom's banana...

Shannon and I were cracking up!! It was more the texture than anything because he swallowed every bite. Its been about 2 weeks now and he enjoys the banana a lot more now we now sit on the couch and he takes little bites right off my naner :)

We then tried some sweet potato... the faces, oh the faces

How could you not crack up to that!! The texture was a little thick for his first time so I've thinned it out with some rice cereal and breast milk and now he's an eating champ! We've eaten banana, sweet potato, green peas, and apple sauce. All home made with love from mom! I think next on the menu is carrots and zucchini! Shannon built a new "table" in our kitchen so we now can have family dinners at a table every night. Oh and I'm sure you noticed that we were eating on the couch... not any more! His high chair finally arrived, he loves it! He bangs and squeals and plays and eats. Oh what fun it is to grow!

Besides eating we play. And play. And play some more. He loves to interact, roll around, kick and bang toys together. He is turning into quite the typical little boy :) and we couldn't love him more. Play time with dad, gotta love the faces he makes when you blow in his face :)

On that note... have a great day!!

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