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Friday, April 9, 2010

A Quick Catch UP

Growing up sure can be exhausting!! Nap times are crucial in the life of a 7 month old... but man o man what if I miss out on something?? The acute awareness of my surroundings have made naps, eating, and diapering a whole new challenge :)
We gave the sippy cup a try and might I say we did very well for Take 1! At first he thought it was a toy, shook it as hard as he could (thank God for one way spouts), got frustrated because it didn't rattle, then once he discovered it had milk in it... it was on!

Big smiles are something we are very used to around the Cowan household... especially when we bust out the camera. He is quickly turning into a camera ham :) As soon as that flash pops up the smiles come on!

One of my best friends Caitlin came into town for Easter and got to spend some time with the family. As I have said a million times before it is always amazing to see friends. There really is no substitution for some good quality girl time!

We played with dad (another usual around the Cowan household). He just loves his daddy, and within the last few days has started to say da-da. It makes it that much harder for Shannon to leave when Quinten is laughing and playing and saying his name! What a great daddy he is!
We then celebrated Quinten's first Easter! Our little bunny boy :)
He absolutely LOVED his basket! I don't think we had even put it down before he was grabbing at it and pulling things out! He got a new car seat toy from mom and dad, a new pair of shoes, and some tub toys! Grandma Carrie got him a Toy Story lunch box (sooo cute!) an outfit, and his first cell phone :) which he loves! Unfortunately Grandma was recovering from a stomach bug and couldn't join in the festivities, but... we'll make up for it! We'll do something equally fun for her!
Ohhh the fun!
Our little man all decked out for the special day (and playin with his new phone)
Love that hat (thanks Grandma Joy)
Our family at my parents house.
His new Toy Story book from Grandma and Grandpa.
The cousins
What a beautiful and blessed day it was. God showed us some beauty on the way home with a beautiful rainbow! Thanks for your gifts big and small!


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