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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Toy Story!

For a while now Shannon and I have wanted to change Quinten's room... terrible I know considering he's hardly 7 months old! But the room just never really pleased us. It started as one thing and then slowly changed into something else. It ended up kinda miss-matched and annoying :) So this is how it was...

So after many weeks of thinking, and googling, we decided to do the ultimate little boy's room... Toy Story!! Shannon and I are huge fans of Pixar movies and what better for our first little boy than the first Pixar movie! First I repainted the letters of his name...

And then painted some boards for some photo collages.
Then we painted the red block and and clouds. We made our own stencils from the Toy Story website and Shannon MADE sure we followed their pattern as well :)

Thats our little guy!
We placed the army men all around the doors and inside the circles :)
Then Grandma Carrie helped out and ordered some FatHead stickers. Shannon awaited anxiously for them to arrive and the minute he walked in the door, they were up!
The finished product!!



  1. i love love love how it turned out!!!!

  2. still get excited looking at it. SOO love it!