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Monday, August 1, 2011

What To Do On A Saturday When Daddy Works...

We go for a nature walk! Quinten and I drove over to the local walking trails, and took a look stroll. It was one of the first fun outings I had since being sick. Nice relaxing, and easy walk! It dumped us out at the dog park, which was another fabulous thing all in itself. So the day was a bummer because Shannon ended up having to work. But Quinten and I made the best of it and got out and about.
Posing for the camera
Precious Moments

Investigating the "dark"

Curious little man he is!

Looking handsome for the camera

And a photo shoot with mom... :)


  1. I love these, Sheryl. So precious...both of you. I really like the one of Q walking away (the sepia tone?). You really have a knack with the camera.

  2. oh my goodness Sheryl! I think this is my favorite "photo shoot" ever. Some fantastic photos. Captions make them even better :) Love you guys!