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Friday, November 19, 2010

I Could Make A Fortune!

If I could bottle this guys energy... a 14 month old knows no bounds! Quinten has never been much of a napper, good night sleeper, not a good napper. The world is just such an exciting place to explore that he has no time for sleep. In fact he has no time to sit still... at all! We are always running a muck through the house getting into this and that, and making mom's daily tasks just that much harder! But really though we have a lot of fun. The weather man was calling for some rain for the weekend so we tried to burn as much energy as we could outside so that being cooped up for the weekend wouldn't be as painful :)
Our summer harvest is about done, we plan to garden before the rain hits so Quinten and I went out to pick the last of our yellow pear tomatoes...
Unfortunately more ended up in the dogs mouth than the bowl (well at least his) :)

When we were done outside (haha we're never really done) We came inside changed our clothes (because we ended the day in the dog water...) and acted like a silly guy until daddy came home from work!

So I guess thats what the Cowan's have been up to. Growing faster than mom can keep up. Learning and playing, playing and playing :) We are trying to learn what "no" means, which with this guy isn't going to be easy. He is one persistent and stubborn little guy. But we'll get there! Because guess what? Mom is stubborn too :)

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